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Sit-stand desks, adjustable in height and inclination

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Welcome to MOECKEL - Feinmechanik.

Below you find an overview on our product range right here on thos page.

Or you may navigate intuitively along the symbols for our different product groups.


MOECKEL - Pofessional Desks

Multifunctional desks adjustable in height- and inclination - with manufacturer's warranty!

Design, manufacturing and marketing of special furniture for office, data processing, schooling, communication and conferences.

MOECKEL specializes in sit-stand desks,and also in height- and inclination adjustable Tables. This includes furniture for ergo-therapy and schools.
The MOECKEL product range covers lecterns, children's tables, group tables for seminar- or conference rooms and also therapy benches and stools for active sitting.

Maily we distinguish ergo-desks with infinite variable height adaption , variable-desks with tilt-adaption and basic desks with a fixed table height.

Traditionally we manufacture drafting tables, drawing machines, and ergonomoclly optimized protractor heads with our own designs. MOECKEL designs and produces drawing machines in Germany.

 Quality for Your Benefit

In supplying integrative classes for children and young people with special demands Moeckel sets standards.

Schools all over europe benefit from decades of experience and a high degree of personalization Moeckel offers at planning and delivering of multifunctional tables.

You find products for valuable officce environment as well as for private children's rooms.
Moeckel tables you always find , where health is responsibly dealt with - no matter the size of the user.

Multifunctional desks by Moeckel offer clever solutions and equipment. We provide all kinds of schools, practices, seminars, studios, also coordination centers of public administration, police, fire brigades or civil protection units.

Möckel design is fuctional with elaborate ergonomic concepts. The quality nearly indestructible with our manufacturers warranty and a lifelong service.

With products frm Moeckel you invest in good health, more productivity and in well-being.

Product range:

Sitz-Steh-Arbeitstisch ergo M1

School, Youth, Education, Work

Sit-stand desks for a creative everyday life you find in the product ranges of
ergo S, ergo F and ergo P.

Precice adaption to the individual body size and -proportion is provided through infinite variable height adjustment - according to ISO 5970.

Sitz-Steh-Arbeitstisch ergo M1

Office, Practice, Studio

Sit-stand office desks - ergo M
for professional use - infinite variable height adjustment, multifuctional for various IT- or CAD-applications.

Vertical lift desks - ergo M

Therapiemöbel, Praxismobiliar

 Furniture for Occupational Therapy

The "green label" stands for tables and benches to be used in occupational therapy - and privately at home.

Multifunctionale furniture for people with special demands.

ergo Mobilsitz 1 und 2

Healthy Seats

Mobile stool and chair -
for dynamic healthy sitting - is listetd under "therapy furniture"

Kinder- und Jugendtische

Children's Tables & Desks

Sit-stand children's table
for healthy play and working conditions
- height ajustable
- multifuctional
- fitting their special demands

Kinder- und Jugendtische

Multiple Use Tables

Tilt-adjustable multifunctional desks
for various use - it, cad, school, office

Adaption to the individual body size and -proportion is provided through tilt adjustable height - according to ISO 5970.

Schultische / Schülertische

School desks / Pupil's Tables
Seminar- and Conference Tables

Desks with various fuctions - though with a single height.

Conference tables, seminar- or information desks - multifunctional depending on type and design.